Change By Design


The strengths of shared leadership

Consultants, Leaders, Managers, Business Owners and Trainers: this one's for you!

Change by Design uses questions as a powerful medium for talking about change. Consisting of 60 cards (and an accompanying booklet), this dynamic resource challenges us to think about how we enact shared leadership in our teams, organisations and companies. 

Change by Design recognises that leadership does not come automatically with a particular position. Rather, leadership is a shared responsibility and can be brought to the change process by anyone, at any time. These cards remind us that change happens best when those affected are empowered to let their leadership qualities shine.


How does Change by Design work?

This unique resource invites individuals or groups to analyse, create and evaulate a defined change in a thoughtful, inclusive and respectful manner. Change by Design is built around six principles:

  • Engagement—debate and even disagreement about change are healthy

  • Continuity—the past, the present and the future are respected

  • Commitment—commitment follows when the change process is clear to everyone

  • Connectedness—a good change process can build relationships

  • Learning—learning from change is valued

  • Shared Vision—the big picture is shared with everyone

There are 10 questions to accompany each principle. The six principles are not necessarily related sequentially or causally. However, each one affects all the others. All six will be found in any change process and will influence the success and sustainability of change. 

Written in plain English, Change by Design reflects how people actually work, learn and talk as they change. This resources has been developed to promote individual and team learning, and can contribute to trust, respect and improved relationships in any organisations.

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