Name the Frame


Respectful, socially-just decision making depends on recognising the intrinsic worth of others, the right of people to control their own destiny and their right to make real, life-enhancing choices.

Name the Frame is a set of 32 cards designed to help people reflect on both the outcomes and consequences of their decision making, as well as the processes they adopt to reach decisions. It recognises that respect is not simply an attitude; it is also an action: respect is something we do.

This card set features over 130 powerful and relevant questions that can be used by leaders and organisations to examine and inform processs and decisions. The cards can be divided into four key headings or themes: Principles of Empowerment, Processes of Inclusion, Barriers, and 'Focus Cards' (which identify issues like Gender, Age and Race & Ethnicity, which are often associated with manifestations of discrimination). On one side of each card there is a word or 'frame' relating to the theme; on the reverse is a series of questions to guide reflection and discussion.

Use these cards to:

  • guide the development of social or community programs;

  • plan the design of new facilities for staff or customers;

  • guide the making of decisions or rulings that will affect the community;

  • reflect on values, strengths, expectations, practices and leadership styles.

This card set is a stimulating, even provocative, tool desiged for human resource managers, community leaders, supervisors, social workers, business owners and team leaders. It's Innovative Resources' most effective product for helping organisations, businesses and individuals to review how decisions are made and come to grips with the influences of prejudice, convention, power-over practices, labels and lack of trust.

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