Cave persons


Through the ages men have been called upon to juggle an array of roles—partner, friend, father, son, colleague, confidante. This punchy prehistoric card set, conceived by our own resident stone-loving, cave-fellow Russell Deal, invites reflection and discussion about the pressures and stresses faced by modern men as they undertake a myriad of roles and responsibilities.

Each comical Neolithic character invites rich conversations about male identity, purpose and fulfilment, and offers a cue to help build discussions about 'the important stuff'—what it is to be a bloke in today's world. The cavepersons depicted in these cards are not blindly unthinking male chauvinists. They are responsive, responsible men who are wrestling with the same roles, issues and scenarios as men today.

The cards can be used to reflect on health, roles, goals, hopes and personal identity. Sensitive New Age Cavepersons also supports conversations about our skills, strengths, virtues and resources, regardless of gender. We reckon women may like to use these cards, too, to talk about the strengths and roles of the men in their lives.

Sensitive New Age Cavepersons is a unique resource ideal for both individual and group work. Many people who work with men will find this a valuable resource to have in their toolkit, including coaches and mentors, marriage and couple counsellors, men's health workers, social workers, chaplains, family workers, therapists and carer support workers.

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