Strenght cards of kids


Strength Cards for Kids has a simple message: all children deserve to have their strengths recognised and celebrated.

Children need rich, ongoing messages about their inherent qualities, skills and potential. The 40 vibrant cards in this pack are intended to help them name, identify and build important strengths.

  • Which strengths would you chose for yourself?

  • Which card reminds you of your Mum or Dad, or your friends? 

  • Where did your strengths come from?

  • Has anyone ever criticised your strengths?

  • Do you use some strengths more than others?

First published in 1996, this vibrant new edition of Strength Cards for Kidsfeatures a whole jungle full of mirthful monkeys and colourful characters—including a bright beaked toucan quietly observing the action in every image. 

This clever but simple card set is designed specifically to appeal to primary school aged children and will be an asset in the toolkit of psychologists, social workers, teachers, student welfare coordinators, chaplains and counsellors.

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